HOW SUNSCREEN WORKS:  A sunscreen blocks or absorbs ultraviolet light.  You can block UV with
opaque creams like the white zinc oxide cream you see lifeguards putting on their noses.  You can also
absorb UV radiation in much the same way that melanin does.

All sunscreen products are labeled with an SPF, or Sun Protection Factor.  The SPF number indicates the
length of time you can be in the sun without getting a sun burn while wearing a specific SPF rated
sunscreen.  For example, SPF 15 or 30 will allow you to stay in the sun 15 to 30 times longer than you
could without protection.  You should apply sunscreen about half an hour before going out in the sun (or
the water) so it can bind to your skin  -  if you don't, then it is very easy for the sunscreen to wash off.

HOW TANNING WORKS:  When you get a tan, what is actually happening is that the melanocytes are
producing melanin pigment in reaction to ultraviolet light in sunlight.  Ultraviolet light stimulates melanin
production.  Your pigment has the effect of absorbing the UV radiation in sunlight, so it protects the cells
from UV damage.  Melanin production takes a fair amount of time  -  that is why most people cannot get a
tan in one day.  You have to expose yourself to UV for a short period of time to activate the melanocytes,  
they produce melanin over the course of hours.  By repeating this process over 5 to 7 days, pigment builds
up in your cells to a level that is protective.

HOW SUNBURN WORKS:    If you are Caucasian and you don't have a tan, then the cells in your skin are
not protected from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.  You are therefore an easy target for sunburn if you
spend too much time in the sun.  As anyone who has a sunburn knows, it leaves your skin red and
extremely painful.  In severe cases the skin forms blisters.

When you get sunburn, your skin is actually damaged by UV radiation and your body is responding to the
damage with increased blood flow to the capillary bed of the dermis in order to bring in cells to repair the
damage.  The extra blood in the capillaries causes the redness  -  if you press on sunburned skin it will
turn white and then return to red as the capillaries refill.
Moisturizing Sunscreen   
SPF-30 is also great for
use after tanning!
Regular use of a sunscreen may
reduce the chance of skin cancer!
DermalRebirth    "Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF-30" provides 30 times
the skin's natural sunburn protection and at the same time provides a
unique method of skin hydration.  Protection maintained up to eight
hours during water sports and vigorous exercise.
  •  Dermatologist Recommended
  •  Broad Spectrum
  •  Greaseless
  •  PABA Free
  •  Non-Comedogenic
  •  Patent Pending
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